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Serokell: Partnering with IT service provider to optimize your business processes and reduce operational costs

​Serokell is an IT company specializing in functional programming for businesses and scientific research. Since 2015, it has worked on complex projects in FinTech, EdTech, and BioTech for international clients.

Serokell: Partnering with IT service provider to optimize your business processes and reduce operational costs

The agency boasts a team of highly skilled software engineers, computer scientists and ML experts, mathematicians, and designers who develop tailored solutions for the most challenging problems.

This software development company has a broad range of projects in its portfolio. It involves developing new cryptocurrencies and financial platforms with integrated DLT and smart contracts and developing domain-specific programming languages. Its expert team has designed a token ecosystem on Ethereum, created a cryptocurrency exchange that adheres to KYC regulations, and created programming languages to support the Tezos blockchain platform's functionality. Serokell also conducts system monitoring and security audits to guarantee the smooth operation of complex IT systems for businesses. More case studies are featured in their portfolio.

Various independent market research agencies, including Top Developers, Clutch, IT Firms, The Manifest, and others, have acknowledged Serokell's excellent reputation.

In its work, Serokell employs various programming languages, including but not limited to Haskell, TypeScript, Python, and Elixir. Functional programming enables software developers to construct robust, fault-tolerant, adaptable, and user-friendly large-scale systems.

The company has a solid academic foundation underpinning its applied solutions. The company's internal research unit, Serokell Labs, works closely with several educational institutions specializing in artificial intelligence, programming language theory, distributed systems, and other fields of computer science. The Serokell team frequently presents ongoing research findings at IT conferences, in academic publications, and on the company's blog.

Additionally, Serokell has established its own educational project, the Serokell Academy, aimed at both programmers and business professionals seeking new technological solutions for their problems. The Academy provides free video lectures on a wide range of topics, including functional programming, cybersecurity, machine learning, and others.

The company engages in various open-source projects, such as contributing to the development of the Glasgow Haskell compiler and data analysis tools for biotech research.

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